Video Rentals

Between 1986 and 1988, in the heat of the video rental fever, Koorosh Angali designed several video rental stores. The images here from three of these places (you can check some of the murals that he also painted for these places in the Murals section).

Small Word

The picture at the top is from Pop Video on Ventura Boulevard in Canoga Park, Los Angeles. In this store one of the things that he designed was a partition to separate the children's section. Upon the request of the client, the partition was designed similar to Disneyland's It's a Small World; so Koorosh included some kinetic parts: a functional clock, rotating discs and pendulum with motion, etc. He also included a set of attractive lighting all over the panel. All parts were fashioned out of wood and painted, then assembled, making the piece almost a three-dimensional "conceptual: art piece!


The images above and below this line: Upon Koorosh's request/suggestion, there were placed some toys inside the area, including tricycles, etc., that would keep the children occupied while the parents were choosing videos for them (or themselves!?). Interestingly some parents would even leave their children there to play, while they were shopping at the neighboring stores and supermarkets which were located in the shopping center. In addition to the toys, Koorosh painted murals on the three remaining walls (the forth being the partition), representing a selection of the famous classical and modern-day cartoon characters, from Bugs Bunny, to G.I. Joe, Transformers, etc.


The two images below this caption are from a group of six horses that Koorosh designed and made for M&M Video Rental on Reseda Boulevard, Los Angeles. In this store he designed the children's section in the form of a carousel, with horses around a circular area, while the videos were shelved inside this carousel. He also designed and fashioned several large size books whose stories were produced in movies, such as Gone Withe The Wind, Moby Dick, etc., as well as other sight specific pieces. In this video rental place he also painted the mural Hollywood (see murals) on one of the walls.