The Voyager


In 1994 Dr. Angali, as an expert on the Persian poetry and a reciter of poems, conceived a project to bring one of Sohrab Sepehri's volume-long poems titled The Voyager onto the stage. As one of the greatest of the Persian poets, and as a contemporary Rumi, though composing his poems mostly in free verse, Sepehri has always inspired Dr. Angali on a very personal level. He performed it along with Aldoush Alpanian, of the Aldoush & the Human Exchange band, on the instrument, and Roham Sheykhan, an inspiring well known Iranian playwright, director, performer, and poet in the San Francisco Bay Area, with whom Koorosh has collaborated on many projects, both, as an actor as well as a composer of background musics, tunes, and theme tracks. This includes a satirical opera titled The Wise Piglet Opera (1993), which was written based on The Three Little Piglets (1840), and for which Koorosh composed a forty-minute long opera and also collaborated with Sheykhani on the lyrics.