Dr. Koorosh Angali was born on January 7, 1949, in the city of Abadan, Iran,
with a pair of brushes in his hands!


University of California, Berkeley, CA: PhD, Iranian Studies: Pre-Islamic Art, Culture, and Languages.
University of California, Berkeley, CA: MA, Near Eastern Studies.

Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA: BA, Visual Arts.
College of Mass Communications Sciences, Tehran, Iran, BA, Public Relations and Publicity.

2014   Aun Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
2012   Aun Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
2009   Lotus Gallery, Austin, Yexas, USA.
2003   Fortissimo: a site-specific installation, UC Berkeley, California,
2002   Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
1996   Introspective, Darvag Art Center, Berkeley, California, USA.
1994   A Mystic Vision, Carera Art Gallery, Emeryville (Bay Area),
1994   The Child Within, Cupertino, Califronia, USA.

1996   Ovissi Gallery Art Contest, First Place.
1980   Humboldt State University Annual Jurried Show, Frist Place.
1997   Simi Valley Art Contest, Simi Valley California, second place.

2016   The Iranian Painter's Association Group Show and annual sale,
          Tehran, Iran.
2015   The Iranian Painter's Association Group Show, Tehran, Iran.
2014   The Iranian Painter's Association Group Show, Tehran, Iran.
2014   Zoo, Shirin Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
2013   Peace From the Bottom of My Heart, Opera Gallery, London.
2009   Paraphernalia, in collaboration with Pump Up Project, Austin,
          Texas, USA.
2008   EAST: East Austin Studio Tour, Austin, Texas, USA.
2006   San Francisco Bay Area Open Studio Tour, Berkeley, California,
2006   Art As Life As Art, Vacaville, California.
2000   Mill & Short Gallery, San Francisco, CA.