In 1987, in the heat of the video rental fever, Koorosh Angali designed several video rental stores. At M&M Video Rental on Reseda Boulevard in Los Angeles he designed the children's section in the form of a carousel, with horses around and the video stands in the middle (see video rentals). Next to the entrance there was a wall about eight feet tall and ten feet wide. He painted the above mural on that entire wall. This ended up in some attractions, more business, and TV interviews for him. The theme combines the movie classics' references, from the Ten Commandments, which he used as the central axis of the mural, to Lawrence of Arabia; from Sir Laurence Olivier's Hamlet to Gone With the Wind; and from Star Trek to Alien, and more. For painting the mural he used permanent markers, for the line drawings and mark-ups, and acrylics, which were partly applied by alternatively using brushes and an artists' airbrush.