The Child Within


The Child Within was released in 1992 by the band Aldoush & the Human Exchange. The compositions are a fusion between Persian traditional music and Persian and western instrumentation.

In addition to the illustration, which was used on the cover, as well as in the promotional poster (see Illustrations), Koorosh Angali designed the poster, as well as the cover. Between 1992 and 1998, upon the request of the releasing company, X Dot 25 Music Productions Inc., that wanted to upgrade the design according to the taste of day, he designed the three different covers that you see in this page.



He also wrote all the Persian lyrics for the album. In 1993 the album won the first place in the World Music category by the San Francisco Weekly magazine, in their annual Wammies Award contest.  (The cover at the top is the original 1992 design. The Time Traveler Music logo on the original cover [the hourglass with the violin sound holes] is also designed by him.)