Music Career

The following tracks are samples of my song-writing, lyric and music compositions, arrangements and orchestrations:

A track from the album Jor'e-yi Ātash ("A Sip of Fire", formerly, Koorosh Angali Recites Rumi):

Mabādā Bi Shomā ("Not Without You")

The following three excerpts are from the album Shab-e Hejr ("The Night After Separation"):

Shab-e Dard-hā ("The Night of Agonies"), minus one

Geleh ("complaint"), minus one

Rajaz (?"bragging"), minus one

Some tracks from the album Manteq-ut-Teyr ("Conference of Birds"):

Abadan (My Home Town), How I Miss You!

Raheleh, the Princess of Sorrows

The Infant Grows!

Spirit II

Two songs that I composed and arranged for Nasser Heydari, a San Francisco based singer:

Yal ("hero, knight, warrior")

Khasteh ("wearied, tired")

Three sound tracks from The Sexocialist Manifesto, a play written and directed by Roham Sheykhani and staged for the first time on 5, 22, 2002, in San Francisco, CA.
Sheykhani is an inspiring and well known Iranian playwright, director, performer, and poet from the San Francisco Bay Area, with whom I have collaborated on many projects, both, as an actor and a stage and prop designer, and as composer of background musics, tunes, theme tracks and sound effects.
All music have been sequenced using a Digital Performer software and a Roland XP50 Music Workstation, and downloaded at the Digisonic Studio at Berkeley, California.

The Sexocialist

Walking in the Rain II

The White Room II

Two tracks from The Wise Piglet Opera and Ten Other Stories, also written and directed by Roham Sheykhani:

Enter The Thugs

An excerpt from The Opera (minus one)