With the Guitar







In 1965 Koorosh finally fulfilled a childhood dream and picked up the guitar. In those days there were no reliable guitar teachers in the city of Abadan, his birth place; so he taught himself to play the instrument. This was a new life-long era for him; that is to say, musicianship became an integral part of his life, which has lasted until today: he writes lyrics and songs, composes, arranges and orchestrates. Some of the famous Iranian singers have sung his songs and lyrics, including Sattar, Jaklin Viguen, Jamshid Alimorad, etc. He composed the Persian lyrics for the award-winning album The Child Within, by the Aldoush & the Human Exchange Band.

The followings are samples of his compositions and arrangements:

Raheleh, the Princess of Sorrows

The Infant Grows: from the album Conference of Birds