As a teacher of Persian and an expert in the filed of Persian Syntax and Grammar, Koorosh Angali has been collaborating with Professor Michael Craig Hilmmann of the University of Texas at Austin (From Classroom to Courtroom [AuthorHouse 2008], Tajiki Textbook and Reader: Second Edition [Dunwoody Press 2003], Persian Vocabulary Acquisition, 2nd ed. [Dunwoody Press 2003], and more) on several volumes as primers and/or supplementaries, intended to be used worldwide in teaching Persian courses. The Advanced Persian Reader is currently under print at Dumwoody Press.

Koorosh Angali has been teaching visual arts for over thirty years. Since 2013 he has been teaching different art courses at the Tehran Art University: studio painting, An Introduction to the History of Sculpture and Sculpting, Art Analysis, etc. Therefore, he has prepared a two volume set for his students, as well as teachers, titled An Introduction to the History of Sculpture and Sculpting, (Vols. I and II). The set covers the history of sculpture and volume-making, starting in the Paleolithic period, passing through Mesolithic and Neolithic eras, encompassing the works of the ancient Egyptians, Classical and Hellenistic Greeks, Romans, ancient Iranians (Achaemenians, Scythians, Parthians, and Sassanians), Mesopotamians, moving to the early Christian, Romanesque, Byzantine, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, and the Neoclassical arts, up to the beginning of the Modern period. Volume two covers the Modern, Post-modern, and the current (contemporary) three dimensional arts, occasionally (and necessarily) discussing two dimensional works of art, as well. Fakhrakiya Publishing Co., 2020.